If cleaning out your closet is on your list of COVID quarantine projects, then we have some good news for you! And if it's not on your list, you might want to add it after this. The details are right here - about our new resale shop at Eden AND about how we'll pick-up your clothes as early as today

We've heard from many of you that you love to buy new clothing and accessories but you're also trying to be mindful of sustainability and minimalism. Enter EDEN:RESALE.
We've converted the back portion of our Bowling Green location to a resale shop! We'll curate a beautiful selection of high-quality gently-used merchandise at price points between $10 - $30.  

What sets EDEN:RESALE apart?
1. We'll be picky about the merchandise we accept. We're looking for unique items and will only accept mid to high-end merchandise. Think Anthropologie, Evereve, LOFT, Lululemon, Nike, boutique and department store brands. We won't be accepting brands like Old Navy and Target. We love them, but not for our resale shop:)

2. We're washing everything! We're not down with that weird resale smell. You know our Sweet Grace candle fragrance that you love?....we also sell detergent and our resale items will be washed with love in Sweet Grace. 

We're ready to turn your unwanted clothing + accessories 
into store credit right now!

Obviously, our store is non-essential and is closed according to the Governor's recommendations. But, we'd love to fill the resale shop so we can have a big reveal when we reopen. Here's how we're doing it:

1. Clean out your closet, including shoes, handbags and accessories. 

2. Put everything in garbage bags. 

3. Text Eden's store number at 419.601.8611 with the following: "I'm Ready For Clothing Pick Up", Name, Address

4. We'll respond with details and will schedule a pick-up a time. We'll be picking up from
Bowling Green to Sylvania and everywhere in between.

5. Leave the bags on your porch (or designated area) at the scheduled time.
6. We pick it up, sort it, and text you with your credit amount. You receive 25% of the item's
sale price. 

7. Your gift card will be waiting for you when we reopen and it can be used for anything at Eden!

8. We'll donate the items we can't use in the resale shop. This will not be the case when we reopen - items we don't accept will be returned to you. But this current COVID quarantine offer includes us donating items we can't use. 

Who's excited?! It's time to get cleaning out that closet! 
P.S. Feel free to share this news with your friends and family. 

Please know, we take your health and our health seriously. We have a thorough process in place to make sure we're handling the clothing safely. Our process allows for zero human contact. In addition to other precautions, we're leaving bags of clothing in an unoccupied space for three days before sorting in order to make sure its virus free before handling.